Becoming a Coach is a Responsibility. It’s a profession that truly touches lives and impacts the outcomes. Out of myriad reasons to become an ICF Coach – the most promising reason to become an ICF Credentialing is the provision of Reciprocal Peer Coaching! 

 ICF Peer Coaching ensures that the coaches are regularly building their coaching muscle, and ensures cross-learning across credentials, geographies and niches of coaches. This is truly the best peer learning ecosystem that ICF offers to master the craft of ICF coaching.

 A seasoned bat score more lasts more and performs more. This is not only true in the game of Cricket but also in the profession of Coaching. ICF Peer Coaching is a way to continuously sharpen the saw, knock the bat and build an enduring legacy as an ICF Coach! 



International Coach Federation (ICF) is the gold standard in coach-credentialing. ICF and their chapters, along with the coaches and others, are focussed on promoting the art, science and practice of coaching. The members of ICF, across the globe, get a whole lot of support to realize their full potential as a coach and coach-professional.

At the core of what we do as coaches is Coaching. ICF provides a platform to get more practice through ICF-enabled Reciprocal Peer Coaching. The entire process is thought-through and enables the members to connect and practice.


A coach has multiple levels of options to choose from. S/He can align with different geographies, at different time zones, but at time-slots that are convenient. All these are captured at the time of registration. Once a member coach signs up, s/he is connected to a coach and coachee, for six sessions. Each of the sessions, once complete, updated on the site. The simple tracking system keeps us on track!


In the recently concluded round, I was connected to a coach from the US and a coachee from the Middle East. Both were practising, professional certified coaches (PCCs). We had 6+6 powerful coaching conversations.

My last session, as the coach, was on managing time. Unlike many such discussions, we did not focus on techniques and tools. (And yesterday I was chatting up with a friend on managing time and he was sharing his tool, and I was keen to look at it, and maybe use it in future)

Focus wasco-create the coachee’s dream future. Not sometime in the distant future, but sooner. As I got busy over the last few months, I resonated with everything the

As I got busy over the last few months, I resonated with everything the coachee said about the opportunity (to manage time). Indeed “every coachee is a default coach”.

As I plan my year ahead, these conversations will help me take the right steps, and more importantly be in the right frame of mind. It is then manifesting my dream, in a way it works for me. HDIGBTT!

(How does it get better than this…?!)


At Regal Unlimited, we encourage all our ICF learners to actively pursue Peer Coaching. We encourage them to clock in a certain number of coaching hours within the cohort. The rationale is to give them the safe space to explore, experiment and experience the power of coaching amongst Peers. A supportive community of over 300+ Regal Coaches – all trained in ICF Methodology becomes a cushion for the new learners during peer coaching. 

We believe in nurturing a Regal community of trained and certified coaches. Truly a non-judgmental, inclusive & safe space for every learner coach and practitioner to ‘knock their bat’ at will! 

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