International Coach Federation (ICF) is the gold standard in coach-credentialing. ICF and their chapters, along with the coaches and others, are focussed on promoting the art, science and practice of coaching. The members of ICF, across the globe, get a whole lot of support to realize their full potential as a coach and coach-professional.

At the core of what we do as coaches is Coaching. ICF provides a platform to get more practice through ICF-enabled Reciprocal Peer Coaching. The entire process is thought-through and enables the members to connect and practice.

A coach has multiple levels of options to choose from. S/He can align with different geographies, at different time zones, but at time-slots that are convenient. All these are captured at the time of registration. Once a member coach signs up, s/he is connected to a coach and coachee, for six sessions. Each of the sessions, once complete, updated on the site. The simple tracking system keeps us on track!

In the recently concluded round, I was connected to a coach from the US and a coachee from the Middle East. Both were practising, professional certified coaches (PCCs). We had 6+6 powerful coaching conversations.

My last session, as the coach, was on managing time. Unlike many such discussions, we did not focus on techniques and tools. (And yesterday I was chatting up with a friend on managing time and he was sharing his tool, and I was keen to look at it, and maybe use it in future)

Focus wasco-create the coachee’s dream future. Not sometime in the distant future, but sooner. As I got busy over the last few months, I resonated with everything the

As I got busy over the last few months, I resonated with everything the coachee said about the opportunity (to manage time). Indeed “every coachee is a default coach”.

As I plan my year ahead, these conversations will help me take the right steps, and more importantly be in the right frame of mind. It is then manifesting my dream, in a way it works for me. HDIGBTT!

How does it get better than this…?!

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