There is a lot of buzz around ‘International Yoga Day’.

Many of yoga-practitioners, globally, are thrilled at this development. And, that includes some ‘aspiring’ ones, yours truly included! Yoga is on my bucket list, and now for some time.

Skeptics may see it as one more of those fads!

We all are entitled to our own perspectives, aren’t we?

For me, personally, yoga is what it always was: YOGA = CHITTA VRITTI NIRODHA

‘Patanjali defined yoga as Chitta Vritti Nirodha, which literally means that if you still the modifications and activity of the mind, you are in yoga.’

– It has to do with asanas, but leading to stillness of the mind.

– ‘In’ yoga is more of ‘state of mind’! Asanas and all other practices should lead to yoga. And that is deeply spiritual. Not related to any religion or faith or ritual. It is a journey within.

‘Everything has become one in your consciousness. We may be pursuing many things in our lives and going through processes that we call achievements, but to go beyond the modifications of the mind is the most fundamental and at the same time the highest achievement one can attain, because this releases a human being from what he is seeking – from what is within and what is outside – from everything. If only he stills his mind, he becomes an ultimate possibility.’ (Isha Yoga Foundation)

For ‘It is in the depth of silence, the voice of the HiC (Higher Consciousness/Creator/God) can be heard’.

And I personally hope, once the hype around the first International Yoga Day is behind us, we make Yoga part of our daily lives. To help us still the ‘mad, monkey mind’. It is a matter of choice. Let’s #ChooseBliss

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