‘Active Listening’ is one of the key ICF coaching competencies we cover in our coach training and mentoring sessions.

That is one in which we struggle the most. All the communication skills we learn at campus/B school just scratch the surface. Later corporate-training does not take ‘listening’ to the deeper levels expected out of a coach, leader.

There is so much ‘noise’ in us. So many ‘distractions’, courtesy gadgets & connectivity.

Making shifts in this is competency is a big experience for the participants. One of the things that makes it a beautiful journey!

Join us… a new batch of ICF approved Coacharya ACTP coach training & mentoring leading to potential ACC and PCC, in India. Face2Face at Crowne Plaza, Chennai. 8th, 9th, 10th July. By two facilitators, both PCC (ICF)

Be a Coach, in all roles. Be ICF Credentialed Coach, world’s best. Train & mentor with us at Regal Unlimited, Face2Face in Chennai, India’s best.

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