Reading the blog-post by Seth Godin, this line caught my attention:
“If you tell me that price is the only thing that matters to customers, I respond that nothing about this product matters to them.”

Seth is spot on when he says, “We sell commodities by choice.” This is applicable even if we are part of one large corporate entity, with limited scope to be entrepreneurial !

After my corporate stint, couple of things I have got into are based on several factors. My deep interest, pssion, etc., also not easy to get ‘commoditised’. Not something anyone (competition) can copy & paste.

The idea is not to raise entry barriers… But genuinely stand out! That is my dream & all efforts are in that direction. Whether it is Life/Executive Coaching or training to bankers or interaction with PG/business management students.   Hence no dilemma in my pricing 🙂

Seth’s Blog: Q&A: Purple Cows and commodities

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