A guest blog by Priya Deepak

A leader has the responsibility to inspire the hearts of his people & make them follow his vision like it is their own. However, the ownership doesn’t come naturally for an employee, till he totally buys into the vision and takes accountability of the outcome. Where the traditional leadership approach often fails to inspire accountability, “coaching” as a leadership approach seems more effective in infusing a sense of ownership organically.

“Coaching” as a leadership approach fosters a culture of partnership collaboration. creativity is met with no resistance. It further encourages transparency, trust, teamwork & authentic conversations, making it a dream workplace. Less turnover, better results; consistent performance becomes a byproduct of such a positive environment.

Leadership which has “Coaching” as the core component makes cultural transformation possible, where more people are motivated to think like coaches, eventually leading the focus to shift from managing deficiencies to developing competencies. This skill helps the organization move forward, faster, efficiently & cost-effectively.

Leadership should be all about empowering enabling people and “Coaching” as a leadership skill, is a promising way forward.

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