Coaching comes into our lives when we are ready to move to a higher consciousness.

We become a coach when we are ready to move deeper. It does not happen by chance. No one becomes a coach by accident.

It is the hero’s journey for the coachee, just as it for the coach.

Becoming a coach to Being a Coach is the journey of a coach. It is not a sprint, but a marathon, or life journey.

Sprint Vs Marathon – Life Journey

  • It is not a sprint to the certification or even credential. If the destination of the training & mentoring is our coach certification or even ICF credential, we are settling for something small. Instead, we got to see it as a journey, deep within. It is about our professional & personal potential as a coach.
  • If a coachee is looking for a small change or a transactional shift, then s/he is not ready for coaching but needs mentoring, training, etc.
  • Coaching starts with the pure & classical, or the #iCFway.

Unconscious Incompetence to Unconscious Competence is the journey from Doing to Being a Coach

  • It starts with the misplaced sense of confidence, ‘I am a coach’, ‘I coach my team’, etc. Very soon the aspiring coach will discover it was not pure coaching. But leading, mentoring, guiding, telling.

Coaching is about moving from telling to asking. #AskVsTell

  • Then the coach starts checking out the coaching competencies, moves from conscious incompetence to a conscious competence state. While basics of listening, questioning are picked up, the focus is on the process, the science of coaching.

For coaching at conscious competence means losing coaching presence?

  • As the coach practice more and dive deep into the journey, s/he starts experiencing the self-transformation, a lot of personal bias, self-limiting beliefs, are cast away… peeling the onion is a popular metaphor for this process.
  • As the coach moves from me as a coach (doing) to the client, in totality (being), the conversations and engagement moves into a different consciousness.

The client manifests magic from that state of being, consciousness.


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