1. What does it take to upskill as the team gets bigger?

2. Founder to CEO – what does it take? 

3. What does it take to move from individual performer to manager to leader?

– We tend to promote the super performing individuals to team-lead (#superchicken)

– They are usually not prepared to manage, let alone lead (boss/manager Vs Leader!)

– Whether you take up your first team lead role, moving into a CEO role, or evertything in between… there is a need to upgrade the leadership quotient. Good old ‘fast-track’ for ‘HiPo’ are not usually sufficient.

First, it is direct to indirect management. Managing remotely is a different ballgame compared to pushing a team when they are face-to-face. It just got complicated now with #WFH, and God knows where this will end up, ‘hybrid’ being one of the options to reduced working hours/4 day work week, etc. A common worry these days among the corporate leaders who feel the time is insufficient even now! Hoe to get more things done? 

As we shift from Direct to Indirect Management,

  1. People Treat You Differently – best friends become not so friendly, it gets lonelier as you move up
  2. You Context Shift All Day Long – as the dynamics of business environment to customer preferences change, this will get only worse
  3. You Learn to Pick Your Battles – one realization that comes for many CEO/CXO coaching clients. It is imperative to step back and choose the right battles. 
  4. People-Centric Skills Matter Most – People were always at the core of all business. Even with all AI, automation, tech, etc. People are your customers too. Can we ever ignore the importance of people?

What is the solution? #LeaderAsCoach? A leader as coach brings all the above together, in a very empowering, inspiring and holistic way. 

But then coaches are not born, at least most of them. It is a skill that can be learned. Check out https://www.regalunlimited.com/ Leader as Coach

Employee first, the customer next. #peopleplanetprofit 

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