Coach Training – We just completed a hat-trick!

(it is after all the cricket World Cup season. why should cricketers have all the fun 🙂 )

1. Friday, 17th May: Concluding session of RCC Jan19 Batch. We started this batch in January 2019. We completed the training of the corporate leaders introducing them to the coaching skills based on the International Coach Federation (ICF) coaching competencies, frameworks, tools. The training will help them incorporate coaching into their work and life.

The leaders already see the difference, in relationships, productivity, communication. The power of presence, deep/empathetic listening, action orientation and of course, goal setting…. all based on trust and intimacy.

Leadership has evolved from #I2We, but we are still holding on to the old approaches. The future of leadership is in consciously moving from #IQ2EQ2SQ. (Emotional Quotient & Spiritual Quotient).

All our training programs and leadership development initiatives, including through executive/leadership/business coaching and healing, works at the confluence of IQ, EQ & EQ.

2. Saturday 18th: Regal Coach Certification (#RCC) Program: We started a new batch of our popular foundation coach training program, on the auspicious day of Buddha Poornima.

#RCC is a foundation program for

  • corporate leaders (across functions, at all levels, including HR/L&D)
  • professionals, entrepreneurs, change agents, consultants, trainers, freelancers
  • aspiring/uncredentialed coaches

Based on ICF coaching competencies/models/tools. We train you to coach and lead the #iCFway.

If you are not trained to coach, you may not be coaching at all. Maybe mentoring, guiding, telling, etc which may not be most empowering for the coachee.

Regal Coach Certification

3. Sunday 19th – ICF Mentor Coaching: A new batch for coaches, who will renew their ICF credential end of this year.

Continued learning is an integral part of a coach’s journey from becoming a coach to being a coach. 

Why #ICFMentorCoaching: “Receiving 10 hours of Mentor Coaching over a minimum of three months, completed in the three years since the initial award of your credential or since your last credential renewal”. (ICFHQ)

A weekend full of learning, re-learning. Feeling blessed.

A few seats left for (2) #RCC Program and #ICF MentorCoaching programs.

To know more/register, connect with

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