Great post**, brings across the power of mentoring, pure & mentee-centric.
Often we (coaches & coach trainers) are asked, “what is Mentoring Vs Coaching?”
Both are powerful in their own ways. Let the ‘client’ decide what s/he wants. And the “why”!
– Mentoring comes from a space of ‘some degree of expertise’, SM Expertise. Hence the case also to ‘share relevant insights & specific advice’ (advice is a strict no-no in coaching). It can be prescriptive.
– Both are powerful learning opportunities for both. ‘Every mentor is a default mentee’, to paraphrase what my fellow/coach/dear friend says of coaching. – 80:20, listening is an art: Useful in all relationships, at work, beyond.
– I don’t know: authentic & vulnerable
– don’t force the issue: let the client do. Set clear goals of engagement
– mentoring can be a life long relationship: coaching should be engagement specific.

It helps mentors to incorporate coaching skills

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