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Is Intuition relevant to business leaders, entrepreneurs?

Last week one of my coachees suggested we schedule a chat purely to discuss, ‘how to develop intuition?’ He is a high-flying corporate honcho. I was delighted! Such corporate leaders are shifting the “corporate consciousness” to a higher level. Came across this post, Go With Your Gut: How to Use Your Intuition to Succeed in […]

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  A team of master coaches from IAC, Dr. Susan Meyer, Aileen Gibb, Natalie Tucker-Miller and Krishna Kumar. Topic: Ensuring Full Spectrum Growth: The Ultimate Coach/Client. They shared three areas of Mastery. #1 Trust: Need to focus on Self-Reflection, over Self-Correction. What works, what is limiting. #2 Perceiving, Affirming & Expanding Client’s Potential: Need for […]

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Google Facts : We lose 6 seconds of visual information every minute from blinking. In a 2 hours and 30 min long movie, our eyes are shut for about 15 mins. This may be something very good ‘to lose’. All information that we get/process, across all senses, is huge! Most of it not good at […]

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A Relaxed Mind is a Productive Mind – Daniel Goleman

A relaxed mind is our natural state (of mind). Child-like! Somewhere we lost that. We chose not to be in a relaxed state, knowingly or unknowingly! Now we have the awareness (#Reality). Option to #Explore what happened. Clarity on the need to reclaim (#Goal). It is just a matter of making the decision and take […]

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Blissful – 4 Simple Steps

This post is for all my friends, who have appreciated my obsession with signing off, ‘blissfully’! It started off as a destination (to be in ‘bliss’). Somewhere, it became the proverbial journey. Sharing this wonderful lesson I learnt from my Master, on ‘HOW’ to do it: Step 1: The one who is filled with love […]

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