A team of master coaches from IAC, Dr. Susan Meyer, Aileen Gibb, Natalie Tucker-Miller and Krishna Kumar.
Topic: Ensuring Full Spectrum Growth: The Ultimate Coach/Client. They shared three areas of Mastery.

#1 Trust: Need to focus on Self-Reflection, over Self-Correction. What works, what is limiting.

#2 Perceiving, Affirming & Expanding Client’s Potential: Need for coaches to be self-aware*

#8: Inviting Possibility: Have you grown & changed from your experiences as a coach.
The coaching journey is as much a journey in self-awareness for the coach, as it is for the client

Love the ‘inviting’ piece. It is being confident to invite change, embrace change. Hence, we keep reminding ourselves, transformational coaching needs guts!

* How do coaches build self-awareness? My thoughts… Meditation, Yoga, Reading related literature, be Mindful.

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