Is #IQ2EQ2SQ the journey of a leader?

  • A leader in the corporate, business, professional, NGO, even politics.
  • A leader at all levels, a team-lead, or first-time manager to the CEO.
  • Facing a challenge of not only the lifetime, but perhaps of the century, arising out of #covid19, #lockdown.
  • We have moved beyond the cliched #VUCA now!

Every leader is surely facing the challenge of a lifetime within himself/herself. And how s/he manages this crisis will determine the legacy.

Not just at work, but at home and in the community. For we are all in this together. There is no choice. Hence, physical distancing is a must-do. And, not social distancing.

What got you here, will not take you ‘there, (courtesy @MarshalGoldsmith). Now we do not know where we are headed! What is the goal? Destination? Without knowing where we are headed, how do we check, ‘if we are on track?’

#I2We2He: Whatever leadership role we are playing, basic IQ has got us here. What would take us forward, as a leader, would be how we bring in empathy into our leadership. It is not about I/me/mine anymore. Not about my ego, or selfishness. If we can move beyond I and We, to ‘He’… then we are truly blessed. Only a fraction of the world population is blessed to move into that consciousness, even with leadership positions.

He‘, as per your definition. God. Universe. Guru. HiC or Higher Consciousness, as we use in one of the healing methodologies.

Is it a marathon or a sprint? Do we even have a choice?

  • #Hero’sJourney, as Joseph Campbell may add.
  • Operating at full potential, or in a self-actualized state, going by Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.
  • Maximizing potential, personal and professional potential, as per ICF definition of coaching.

‘All beings, knowingly or unknowingly, is on a spiritual pilgrimage’, Master says.

What would it take to shift my consciousness #I2We2He so that I operate at the confluence of #IQ2EQ2SQ?

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