Attended a day long healing workshop on dreams! “What are your dreams showing you?”

Everybody is dreaming. We dream every night! If we don’t remember doesn’t mean we are not dreaming.

Dreams are aspects of ourselves! This was an important takeaway. It has nothing to do with others! Even when we see others, animals, or anything else!

If you are in the dream it is an important message. Don’t ignore it!

Sometimes we process dreams within dreams (a la Inception movie)

Every dream is a message, a guidance from our Higher Consciousness (Hi C). HiC is always guiding. Use it!

One imp take away from the session was also to ‘go slow’! It stuck a chord. I have been very busy, trying to do a lot. We all need to slow down a bit?

Another key takeaway is the need to work on our creativity. ‘If we don’t live out our creativity, it will eat us up’! When we suppress our creativity it impacts us at different levels. (Having got a mentor for writing, got to look for a music teacher, again. Hobby for sake of hobby is very important)

“You are the Ocean, I am the wave”

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