India’s poor jumped from NoPhone to MobilePhone. They will find a way to handle this just as they embraced mobile tech. It is a “need” now.
It is a great idea badly executed. A case study on #Execution
Politicians will politicize as their bread & butter does not depend on it. But the poor has no choice but to find solution. Being Cashless is just one of them.
The middle class, educated, tax-paying & mostly ethical, will have to show the way. They complained about reservation to freebie-politics. This is a great leveler.
Surely a golden opportunity to tackle corruption & blackmoney. But ‘miles to go….’

The educated middle class got to ensure political leadership walk the talk & close loop, not stop with this ‘de-monetization’

India bans some currency to fight corruption, but it’s hurting the poor — via @Risk_Insights

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