A great session for us executive coaches and leadership/business coaches on coaching, leadership, mindfulness & LIFE!

Great to hear Jan stress on #LifePurpose. And Viktor Frankl (‘one of the best books’, Man’s Search for Meaning), came up more than once (a personal favorite).

‘We can’t influence stimuli. But we can influence the reaction. Between the stimuli and the reaction is the freedom of choice‘ -Dr. Frankl

Every ‘no’ is the beginning of a ‘YES’!

  • Steve Jobs always challenged the status quo, perhaps aligned with his #lifePurpose!
  • People are not rational, but emotional.
    • I have always struggled with it in our coach training/mentoring. Is it rational + emotional or mutually exclusive!
    • Deep, transformational coaching has to go beyond rational to the emotional space.
  • Jan quoted what Dr. @DanielGoleman saying for over 20 years, ‘20% IQ and 80% EQ to understand other people’. ‘But what have we done about it’?
    • A personal favorite is IQ to EQ to Spiritual Quotient (SQ), though all IQ present is a small measure for transformational leadership! #IQ2EQ2SQ
  • Here & Now, Self-Awareness, deep breathing (to the count of 5), attachment Vs detachment/Buddha, etc all made it deeply spiritual
    • Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual – are at the core of what we believe we are trying to do, and hopefully aligned with our #LifePurpose!
    • Meditation, Yoga and other mindfulness practices will make me a better coach (for the coachee)
  • 5 elements: Positive People, Purpose, Process, Place (happiness & success in balance) and Performance

We are beings…! (Indeed, as Master would add, ‘we all are beings on a spiritual pilgrimage’) 

  • Happiness is in making others happy – as Bill Gates found, esp with his Foundation
    • something all great leaders and spiritual teachers have taught us.
    • The ancient Veda says, ‘Paropakarartham idam shareeram’ – the purpose of the human body is to serve others.
    • As coaches we are blessed to be able to serve leaders
  • The concept of #FLOW was brought in to explain the interconnectedness of the elements of the webinar.

How to stay in FLOW was a great question:

  1. Seek constant feedback
  2. Novelty (Jan taking different routes for his running was a good example, something we are aware but doesn’t necessarily put into practice?!)
  3. Challenge (indeed, being out of the comfort zone, at times is key to #DisruptingYourself positively
  4. Subconscious (being aware of the power of the subconscious?!)
  5. Journaling ( a good idea to capture #FLOW moments, then and there) – It is a good idea to carry a physical notebook and pen/if not a digital notepad always, to capture not only ideas, inspiration, but also ‘FLOW moments’!

We lose energy while in FLOW. Hence the need to have a good recovery mechanism!  (This took me by surprise. In #FLOW I thought we don’t lose energy, with little effort!)

  1. ‘U’-GROW is Jan’s coaching model (‘U’ being uniqueness. We all are indeed unique, whether kids or clients)
    • Our coaching model is GROW + ‘L’ –  Light being self-actualization! REGA_L, that is!

His suggestion to think of as soon as you get up was a very important reminder, that I would put into practice with immediate effect

  1. 3 things looking for in the day
  2. 3 things you are grateful for 

ReflectiveJournaling2Regal (RJR) is an important part of everything we do – 1-1/group coaching or coach training/mentoring or consulting. A lot of great takeaways… A lot to reflect upon…. and journaling 🙂

PS: Now we know why German soccer team is better than their British counterparts :))

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