#Ravana was insecure who needed to assert his authority… It was so easy to upset this supposedly educated man. Knowledgeable, but not wise… True wisdom meant giving power rather than capturing power… Ravana is like many of our leaders, glamorous and entitled. They feel kingdom exist for them’

#Hanuman introduces himself as Sri Ram’s Servant:

Dasoham Kausalendrasya ( I am the servant of the son of Kausalya)

It is the real servant leadership, based on service, not servitude.

We have a choice to operate from any of the three levels: personal ego, service of others or to serve the Divine, thus serving all. Master calls it, #I2We2He.

Those days there were clear categories of people – devas, asuras. Now, we all have elements of asura (Ravana), animal (Hanuman) and divinity (Sri Ram) within each of us. We are born as pure, but we acquire demonic and animal qualities along the way, partly due to our conditioning? We have a choice to opt for asura, human or divine. It is only about making the choice, with awareness and stick to it.

Characters in our mythology are meant to mirror humanity. A coach is a mirror too. Also a cheerleader, sounding board, critic, et al.

A very thought-provoking article. Must read.  When Hanuman met Ravana: Devdutt Pattanaik 

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