This Surfing Lesson Can Pump Up Your Career: Imagine being so driven by your love of success that you do not even notice your failures. How different would your life be? How much more could you achieve? 

Got this from a friend. Unable to resist temptation to share & comment!

  • Coaching is perceived to be strongly linked (only) to sports, though
    it has borrowed a bit from there. As such the relevance of observations
    on Surfing can be extrapolated to Coaching,
    Executive/Leadership/Transformational or just Life Coaching. Perhaps, the fact Bruce has ‘only surfed a small number of times’, makes it possible for him to look deeper…
  • We tend to play safe. We work within our comfort zone, without testing waters beyond. 2 out of last 3 coaching sessions, I gently pushed client to take up the challenge to get out of comfort zone & do something very different. To challenge ourselves…
  • If failures are pillars to success… they are waves of success & failures.
  • Often we don’t fix goals that keep us passionate about it.

It is very critical to set SMART and powerful goals, it would make a huge difference if we look at goals beyond our selfish interests. It can not be success at work (promotion/increment or bonus/ESOP) or quarterly/annual results. It must be making a difference… doing things that will impact others positively. Of course, with a strong undercurrent to ensure customer delight.

If goals are at those levels, and we are passionate about it, the results will not only surprise a whole lot of others, but ourselves too.

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