My previous post was a share of how a life coach includes fitness into her coaching practice. I shared because fitness is integral to a coaching-intervention.
Coaching has been on my bucket list, for over 20 years. The reasons include, I did not ‘get time’ ( such a ridiculous excuse, I confess) to I did not get the yoga-guru.

Learning classical music was on my list. A good teacher ( God bless him) manifested couple of years back. I learnt Indian classical music for two years. Now off my bucket-list.

After getting back to India last year, and resuming my search, I have finally joined a yoga studio. I have been quite regular for over a month. Have connected with the ‘regimen’.

Why it is part of my bucket-list ? First and foremost, spiritual reason. Second, it will help me maintain higher levels of physical & mental fitness. It will help me to maintain higher levels of energy levels. In terms of practicing Yoga, I must add, ‘long way to go….’

As mentioned in my previous post, just as fitness and meditation need to be part of our daily lives, Yoga is something we should be incorporate into our lives. It is part of living, holistically.

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