Random Thoughts…

I get very autobiographical, when I start a blog-post, ‘Random Thoughts’! When several thoughts get crowded in my system (don’t bother which part of myself – head/heart/mind!), I wish to put it on my blog so that it is off me! Is that not the beauty of maintaining a blog?
From last Friday to till today, it has been perhaps the busiest part of my ‘3rd Innings’! Busy at all levels, physical, mental and spiritual.
On Friday, the thought suddenly hit me, ‘I may be perhaps living my dream now’! It was a very positive thought & filled with gratitude to Divinity. I was indeed living my dream.
That is the case with everyone.
I wondered, if most of us pause to think and acknowledge we are living our dreams ?!
Going through one of FB friend’s (slightly complaining) ‘status’ update on FB, left me thinking! Extending my own ‘status’ to others, I was sure, each one of us was living our dreams here & now!
If my current ‘status’ is not what I wanted, blame it on my dreams, visualization, choices made, the type of people I chose to hang out with, the emotions I felt, effort (or lack of it?) and of course, the level of passion. I cannot surely blame the world or anyone part thereof for my current status.
But personally, I would like to give credit to all who contributed to the awareness (with gratitude)…
As my batchmates were on their way to our European university campus, for the final session, my mind was with them. The fact, I got busiest during the same period help me to focus on activities on hand and not brood over the inability to travel! In spite of the regular updates on ‘What’sUp’ from many of them ????

  • Got to get out of the urban jungle, with torrential rains thankfully, and spend two days in a campus. The long drive was great. Got to meet few new friends (not FB type!) and also interact with students & staff at the management institute. Particularly the interaction with the students was a new experience. An powerful question from a student was ‘ how to develop the right attitude?’ I wished I had the awareness to ask that question when I was in my management school!
  • Two days with young bankers during the week, back in city. Young crowd with high energy and low attention span. A perpetual challenge to get them listen to me, ‘actively’.
  • Few sessions on the my own campus, on diverse topics such as academics to leadership. Again, a different experience!
  • In between all these, the core-activity of coaching… few very good sessions. Recent confirmation of the Coaching certification was the icing on the proverbial cake!

Among all these experiences, there were several ‘AHA moments’, lot of learning, very inspiring sessions and a few humbling (bordering humiliating) experiences.
I Am Living My Dream Right Now … crystal clear !
As my batch-mates head home, report to work tomorrow, lot to ponder over and move ahead, with focus, patience and passion. Though Divine Guidance is taken almost for granted…


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