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Parent as a Coach: Dads, like football coaches, have a thing about goals, and scoring them. Like, for instance, the late Aditya Birla. Son Kumar Mangalam Birla describes his father as “my greatest coach, the best guru one could ever learn from”(@ETPanache)

One of the questions we ask every aspiring coach/leader on coach-training is,

  • Can a parent be a coach?.
  • If answer is yes, at what age the parent add coaching skills to his/her parenting? Toddler, teenager, young adult or later?
  • How does it help the parent, child and rest of family, society?

While there is unanimity among many coaches/leaders that we can not coach our spouse or mom, opinion parent as a coach is not as unanimous. Parenting is a topic close to us at Regal Unlimited, not just as a parent, but also a partner working with kids, and their parents, for over two decades.

The struggle is often the parent’s inability to let go off the control, attachment and responsibility (#Ratnakara, Ramayana fame)

Why Mentoring Matters: @ETPanache/@NewYorkTimes

Everyone needs a coach (/mentor) – Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt

A coach/mentor always start with the goals. If the mentor is at work or the coaching engagement is to address career/leadership at work, the specific mandate becomes goal.

Career derives from the 16th century word for “road”. Start with a mentor at work, a subject matter expert. The mentor will share his knowledge & wisdom, based on his journey, life experiences. Quickly move to pure, classical coaching. A coach is not a subject matter expert, and does not depend on his own experience, but his expertise, coaching skills…

Making a Point: Coaching by Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid’s ability to connect and inspire an athlete from a totally different sport is a great example. “it has taught a lot about being a successful sport star”, says Bhavani Devi, Indian fencer.


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