‘Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future’ – Oscar Wilde.

I share a lot of gyaan on #parenting as a lot of leaders/clients are struggling with parenting, relationships, careers, health, and life.

This video is not about parenting, but about growing up (could not think of the antonym for parenting!)

Inspiring video on the life of #MahatriaRa:

– You may have been a failure. May not be successful in other areas as a student, or adult. The very identity is linked to your brother/sister at school, boss or someone else at work, someone else in family/community. We all have a choice to embark on our own ‘Hero’s Journey’ (Joseph Campbell). Standing on the terrace, with failure in one subject (not two!), and an upset father…. he chose to respond to his “the call to adventure”.

– When we make the choice the help is always available, “Meet the mentor”. Here it was the brilliant Mr. Vijayaraghavan, who was then at IIM-B. Mahatria reminds us not to ignore the help from a mentor, which he did at that point in time.

– The choice to bounce back, like a spring, was made. He absorbed with faith. 18 year old Mahatria was ready to embark on his own Hero’s journey.

‘Even God will not stop you’

Check out the inspiring video: The Hero’s Journey of Mahatria

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