What is your learning style? Which of these, or a combination of these?

Coaching is about adult learning styles. No specific style is thrust on the coachee/client.

In our coaching, we just go with what the coachee prefers, what works for him/her.

In our ICF Coach training session last evening, one of the learner-coaches mentioned how he has started reading books again. His learning style had become through audio/video. He is a techie too.

Then in a coaching demo with the same learner coach, the topic came to writing!! ✍️ It was an interesting awareness for the coachee that he used to be good at essay writing, elocution, and other competitions during student days. But as an adult, he has moved away from the writing of all types. If nothing else, writing for journaling can be very therapeutic.

What good habits have you discarded in your pursuit of professional life? What if your professional success depends on bringing back some of them, and adding new ones, such as #StoryTelling?

Storytelling is an important communication/leadership skill.

We are the stories we tell ourselves!

Write inspiring stories about yourselves, #legacy:

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