So very true, very often we are clouded by what we want to give and not what the other person wants.
The other person my be a customer, client, partner, business-associate, student, coachee (coaching client).
In my current training assignment to young bankers, they clearly indicated their desire to learn also from videos. If I don’t customise, but just stick to “my” PPT’s, I am not trying to aim a higher level of training, which we all dream of, in all our endeavours ( but not often we take steps!)

I feel even our political leaders, community leaders and NGO’s should ideally take such a holistic view. Definitely possible, though not easy! Ask the Powerful Question, ‘What is the Objective?’. The answer will be often obvious…

The ‘customer’ can be at work/business, but also at home, family and community.
Is that not essence of marketing-communication ?Here it is not manipulative marketing that I talk of.. But at a holistic level.

I am just building on a brilliant thought I got @ WBECS 2013. “all of us are salespersons, always selling something” !

Just Serve The Customer !

Tell the Customer’s Story, Not Your Story |

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