Post #2: Timing

One of the biggest discussion around Sachin is about the timing of his retirement. Many ‘experts’ feel, he should have quit immediately after India’s world cup win. Thankfully, he opted the timing that he felt was appropriate. From a Coaching perspective, that is surely the best thing to do.

That does not prevent others to continue with the discussion on the timing…
But what would be a bit more useful? If we are able to interospect and see if we have a tendency to ‘hang on’, instead of ‘hand over’.
Also, to institutionalise all leadership roles, across all areas from corporate, art, science, sports, and surely politics… to quit after a specific tenor.

CEO’s (& future CEO’s): Step out on a high… ‘Let it be’! It will be part of legacy, a best-practice & spirutually uplifiting. For it is the ultimate test to ‘give up’ at your peak. Detachment at its best…. Isn’t that most spiritual. #3rd innings


Of course, start with myself… ‘BE… then TALK’ ????

Post #1: #ThankYouSachin

Just remembered about #ThankYouSachin & googled. The result was “#ThankYouSachin: 3 million tweets, digigraph viewed 4 million times“, on ToI.

I had not jumped onto this bandwagon to post my thought at the peak of all the hype. Wife even enquired, ‘how come no comment (on social media)’, as she knew me as one of those crazy, Sachin fans. And, my tendency to jump on to social media on anything that I feel strongly. Of course, that is a disclosure, being a big fan of SRT. But then, who is not ?!

And I tweeted:

“Big thanks to you Sachin… God Bless you in your next innings…@BCCI #ThankYouSachin”

Thereafter I am posting this on blog. In fact I have labels, Sachin Tendulkar already. But my interest has been in lot of other things, such as 3rd Innings (a label too) and India’s youth & cricket/Sachin fan, etc.

More on that & of course, Sachin, pls stand by!

PS: I always want to keep my posts just positive. Hence not writing about the big PR effort by BCCI to cover up all their incompetency, inefficiency & lack of basic ethics & values.

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