A client recently made a beautiful point.

All of us are either ‘givers‘ or ‘takers‘. While most of us are hard-nosed ‘takers‘, very few are blessed to be ‘net givers‘! Through Coaching, he felt, I had the opportunity to be a net giver! I was overwhelmed to hear that. What a powerful thought. And, what a great opportunity, to be a net-giver.

This has remained with me at ‘top-of-mind’ and keep inspiring.

Every time I enhance my Coaching skills, I try to remind myself how I can ‘give’ more, with humility & prayers. For, what I am ‘giving’ is not mine, but belongs to Higher Consciousness/God. As such, no scope for my bloated ego or anything even vaguely related thereto ????

I was reminded of it when I read a similar article on Inc. http://www.inc.com/michael-schein/one-habit-that-improves-sales.html-

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