#DYK mindfulness can be a #coaching tool? @NewbyCoachLive shares how

Recently one of the clients expressed disappointment for not having continued with a meditation practice, for so many years. One of the reason was ‘sheer inability to connect and go deeper, as done earlier’.

During the session, #Visualization as a coaching tool was used. In no time, the client could cut off, visualize and go deeper. It is a beautiful experience.

#Mindfulness is at the core of all our areas of our work, as self-awareness & self-discovery are our key areas of focus.

Whether it is Leadership/Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Coach Training and of course, Healing/Life Coaching. 

We don’t force it on our clients. We are non-prescriptive and believe in co-creating…

PC: As I reflected on this topic, I get a WhatsApp from a friend 🙂

Physical, mental, emotional spiritual wellness can get a big, holistic boost if Mindfulness is practised.

What is your favourite mindfulness technique? How often you practice? Daily? (Else, what is the excuse?)

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