It’s no wonder that Steve Jobs created “The Greatest Tech Company” after he visited a spiritual place in India where he learned to relax and to understand the power of his mind & existence through mindfulness. Further, he also advised Mark Zuckerberg to visit this place to reconnect with the original mission of Facebook and to gain clarity on his life purpose as the Apple Co-founder did.

Although these tech titans used it to mostly make sense of their life, this ancient technique of relaxation can help us overcome our frequent troubles & anxieties in our daily life. It opens up avenues to deal with our life problems more diligently. Mindfulness, as a practice, teaches us to forgive ourselves for our past mistakes, forgo future worries and most importantly make the best out of the present moment.

It may not be the ultimate solution for all the problems in our life, but it enables us to change our perspective towards them. Due to this fundamentally transforming nature, many corporate leaders have adopted the daily practice of this simple but effective technique of creating self-awareness.

But what exactly does it do that works? It just creates a canvas for our thoughts to appear and vanish as intended. It helps us be ‘present’ not only physically but mentally too. And when we gain a deeper understanding of our problems, we inch closer to the solution. This leads to a gentle relief in our mind as we have tackled ambiguity and established clarity.

A research showed fascinating results involving the employees of General Mills’ who participated in a mindful-leadership training program. Over 90% of them have reported a positive difference in their ability to think strategically, listen to themselves and others, create more space for innovation, and to be content in their work life.

Interested in increasing productivity and satisfaction at work, more Fortune 500 companies are encouraging their employees to be mindful leaders and are getting them coached specifically of this life-skill. With executive coaching, also based on mindfulness, employees are reportedly starting to experience more focus, clarity, creativity, and achievement in their daily work. Additionally, it has helped them to realize their true potential, thereby accomplishing dual objectives inner happiness and productivity in work.

Mindful leadership is not a spoon full of protein that will beef up our leadership skills, but it is an exercise to our mind. It is a way to gain complete control over our mind to make happen what truly matters. It’s certainly not an instant cure, but a powerful remedy to evolve our mindset unlimitedly. Therefore, it has the ability to uplift the humankind to the next level of growth and productivity.

Let’s be #Mindful, #BeRegal

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