Interesting article – under #MentalWellness in ET. Mental wellness is more needed than the covid vaccine. But we are being ostrich-like when it comes to mental wellness. The impact of covid at levels beyond the physical, mental and emotional, and thus also spiritual, is still materializing… taking shape. No one has any idea how it will manifest, as we all are rightly too busy with fighting the physical impact of covid. 

As yoga says, there are five levels of existence. Annamaya Kosa to Anandamaya Kosa. We ignore at our own peril!

  • Demand & supply will somehow find a marketplace. Just as e-commerce found its sweet spot.
  • ‘We are conditioned to see commerce as incompatible with spirituality’ – the conflict between Goddesses Lakshmi (wealth) and Saraswathi (knowledge) is deep. It manifests in the inability of the professional to price himself/herself appropriately, though s/he is a ‘pro’, earning his bread, butter & jam from the profession. The profession may be spiritual (healing), or not (psychotherapy)! Isn’t everything spiritual?.

‘As such is spirituality is just an exotic word for positive psychology?’ Psychologists may have a problem with that. 

  • Incidentally, I got a message from one of the spiritual organizations where they are selling a particular spiritual item at a discount. Additional discounts are available for multiple units 🙂 That is an interesting coincidence! (For me, nothing is a coincidence).
  • ‘The demand is huge for such spiritual performers’. I discourage any aspiring coach from entering the coaching profession for the pure “business” opportunity (over 2 bn USD per annum, according to one estimate).

Heartbroken lovers/couples, aspiring CEOs/CXOs, struggling CEOs, mid-life/quarter-life/old age crisis (empty nest syndrome), homemakers/women leaders… all are in search of their own IKIGAI. 

  • ‘The Guru offers products and services’: The real guru offers nothing. S/He is merely a mirror. We coaches & mentor-coaches take inspiration from them. The mirror is one of the best metaphors for a real coach. A guru merely supports the follower in his/her journey. And that guru is above father and mother, as the love of parents is not really unconditional. But a real guru’s is. And a guru is not for just this birth, as it is in the case of parents. Guru is through multiple births till the end with the jivatma’s journey. 
‘If you want to be like me I will help you, knowing that we are alike.
If you want to be different, I will wait until you change your mind’
– ‘A Course in Miracles’ quotes Jesus as saying – courtesy ‘Inspiration’ by  Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Beyond all these, these are challenging times. Mental health needs as much focus as physical health. Immunity, social distancing, vaccination, et al.

When will we take responsibility for our mental wellness? #RegalAt60, #Beyond IKIGAI

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