He says why, and that is more important. (Disclosure: I mentor coaches, coach leaders – my views may be biased!)

1. Cuban views hiring a coach as a “shortcut,” he said: Sadly a lot of ‘coaching’ is not coaching. A lot of ‘coaches’ are not trained, certified, credentialed (ICF/EMCC), and are ‘helping’ people. Even many certified/credentialed coaches are helping. So what happens is actually consulting, mentoring, guiding, or telling. And that is NOT coaching. The moment the coach (or mentor) is prescriptive, the coachee does not get the maximum benefit, to be a #FullPotentialLeader. Coaching is for leaders including aspiring ones.

  • Coaching is a marathon. No ‘shortcuts’ here.
  • Any coach training that helps you with a sprint to certification is also not coaching.

2. “That’s not to say that mentors and coaches can’t be of value,” Cuban said. But overall Cuban thinks there is so much “hustle p*rn” and “coach p*rn” out there right now: Sad what opinion some big influencers have of the noble profession of coaching. But professional coaches have a responsibility to maintain the highest standards and stay within the (ICF) code of ethics.

3. “There are people telling you, ‘I’m going to make you rich’ and ‘I’ve got the solution’ and ‘I’ve got the answer,’ when they have never really done it themselves,” he added

Yesterday a young, aspiring coach reached out to me. She wanted to quickly become a coach and ‘make a lot of money’ (as Viktor Frankl says in his popular B & W video). I said if you are looking for a sprint to becoming a coach (certification & credential included), and make a lot of money 💰 💴 💷 💶 💵 don’t choose to coach. Instead, make money elsewhere and come to this when you want to touch lives’.

Coaching is about maximizing the personal and professional potential of the coachee. Period.

As coaches, we are blessed to witness the transformational shift in our coachees/clients.


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