Master’s Voice: The Purpose of Life is a to live a life of purpose

‘Essentially, good daily management rests on a few basic disciplines:

  1. understand how people are actually delivering for #customers: it is all about customer, customer service/delight/enchantment. Future organizations are those who deliver these to customers. Apple (battery) to Indigo (manhandling a customer), all need to put customer at the center.
  2. give people regular feedback and #coaching – Leadership to corporate culture got to evolve to coaching. Also, coaching approach is not based on ‘feedback’ or about past, but feedForward, as  Dr. Marshall Goldsmith often reminds us
  3. teach: coach/mentor, people how to solve problems and
  4. create a physically and emotionally safe environment where people can engage in meaningful dialogue about their work. (Look up Project Aristotle @ Google)

Indeed, a recent survey of 189,000 people at 81organisations, each with 7,500 to 300,000 employees, underscored the importance of these principles’

Get leaders to #HireACoach, include coaching as a leadership skill, learn to coach the right way through coach training/certifications, and let coaching be part of the organization culture.

#LifePurpose #Leadership #ExecutiveCoaching

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