Why do you invest? I have been a retail investor as part of my overall financial planning. You could be a rockstar investor and still invest for a different purpose!

How do you invest? Is it based on all data, research, and other IQ/head/mind? What is your experience? Have you been successful, consistently, over a period of time?

Came across this Knowledge@Wharton podcastWhy Early-stage Investors Tend to Trust Their Gut’. Not only early investors but even later, depend on their gut. And it is beyond the mathematical permutations & combinations.

Gut feel” plays a surprisingly important role in decision making by early-stage angel investors, according to new research by Laura Huang, a Wharton management professor… Check out this Knowledge@Wharton Podcast Not only do early-stage investors use gut feel to make decisions, but there’s actually a practical reason why?

One of my stories on intuition is when I got a call from the business leader at a Fortune 100 company, when I was on an overseas business trip, to ask… “how do I access my intuition for an important business decision now?” This business leader was aware of the power of intuition, when he had the luxury of all data, big & small. Many other leaders are not aware. Not only in the business world, but also in other areas, including politics, academics or even arts, a right brain activity.

Level5+ Leadership is going beyond big data and small data to access the gut, intuition.

Move from head to heart in leadership, investing and in life. You will never go wrong, if done right.

This is a skill naturally available to us. But thanks to our education & upbringing, we have not developed this muscle. And, like any muscle, it can be developed.

Freecharge co-founder Kunal Shah’s tip to entrepreneurs: Deal with pressure & still shine. He is a philosophy major, isn’t too fond of labels, ‘the top angel investor of 2016’. I am more of a learner…. So, the label I would like is a perpetual learner.

“I have invested in 40–50 companies but with very small cheque size. My intent is to learn, work with the entrepreneurs and help them. I am not doing it for financial returns. If that were the case, I would have put a larger amount. “

“There are some fundamental challenges in how we understand Indian consumers and how people’s biases creep in while looking at things. This could be avoided by doing some research. “

His 2017 wishlist? He wants to read 50 books this year. That was my plan for 2016 & even shared on Goodreads!

His best advice:

You have to be in love with being successful, not in love with your idea.

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