Master’s Voice: ‘A peaceful mind is the abode of love’

At the core, we all aspire peace, love, happiness, contentment, fulfilment…. or  bliss?!

Master says, ‘we keep saying, I want peace‘.

  • I‘ represents the ego
  • Want‘ represents the desires
  • If we take care of ego & desires at a holistic level, peace is the natural outcome. We are after all  ‘sat-chit-ananda’. We are just not experiencing it, by choice!

Choose Peace… choose bliss. This can be achieved by practice, just like a muscle or a habit. There are different ways to achieve it. So, choose the method, pace and process that suits you. For you are unique, and on your unique journey. (No one size fits all!) And it has nothing to do with external world, other people or the environment.

Choose Peace… Choose Love. Once we choose peace, pure/spiritual/unconditional love is the result. Also, choose to be loving, peace is the natural state of mind!

Regal Unlimited: ‘ROI of Enchantment’! 

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