If only we would spend a fraction of what we spend “on” ourselves “for” ourselves… Physical fitness to beauty treatments/enhancements is for looking good. Nothing wrong with it. Are we giving equal importance to mental, emotional and spiritual well-being?

We find so many spa’s are coming up, along with fast food joints. But not gyms/yoga studio/dance classes, or open, green space or organic stores.

In our neighborhood, we have a pizza outlet in the groundfloor. First and second floors are occupied by a medical specialty facility.

According to a report by FICCI & EY, Value Added Service – Wellness and Preventive Healthcare, Indian wellness industry may hit Rs. 1.5 trillion by FY20. It was at Rs 85,000 crore FY15.

  • beauty care and nutritional care may retain their share
  • fitness and rejuvenation may increase market share

The evolving definition of wellness is expected to be at

‘a multi-dimensional level, encompassing the individual’s desire for one’s own well-being, uniqueness and collective welfare’.

Chronic NCDs have increased over five-fold in the aging population, esp 60+ group. What would happen if the young population (47% of the current population) age, with the unhealthy lifestyle, high-stress levels, environmental pollution….?!

To expect government agencies to take care of our health is being foolish. To expect anyone else take care is being too optimistic. It becomes our individual responsibility to maintain our fitness, at all levels – mind, body and spirit.

Even environment-pollution becomes so very important. For I can not be healthy if my environment is toxic, again at all levels. Pollution is only one part of it.

It starts with awareness. Then making a conscious choice. And then action. Time is running out. A “Time Bomb”?!

We don’t want to wait for a crisis before taking action. Meditation, Yoga, Coaching, Mentoring, Healing, Counselling, Therapy will play a key role. ‘Prevention is better than cure’


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