Was on a long drive with son, this morning. Monday, late morning, not to office/work!
Was listening to the interesting discussion on ‘how to handle monday-morning-blues'(Sunday/Saturday morning blues for friends in Middle East) on FM Radio 104/Bangalore.
When this question was posed on-air and sought feedback, I pulled the car aside and quickly text-ed: Stick to the weekly time schedule. Get extra physical exercise. And, Meditate…
The topic was a personal favourite and hence could not resist temptation to text. Hence, this post too…

In less that 15 minutes the RJ was on phone!!! I was surprised & my son was delighted! He asked me what do I do, put me on hold and went-on-air immediately.

When I mentioned, ‘ Executive Coaching & Corporate Training’, he asked, ‘what was Exe Coaching’. I knew there was no time to explain, hence quickly mentioned, ‘just as you have a coach in sports, you have a coach for executives and others in corporate world’.

Then he asked for my thoughts on the topic. My response was:

  • We tend to over-eat, over-sleep and mis-manage our time over week-ends.
  • The best way is to stick to the usual schedule to wake up early, use the extra time to jog/exercise, do things we love to do (spending time with family, friends, etc). And of course, spend extra moments with the self, Meditate !
  • Would have loved to add, ‘Spiritualist Week-ends’..

I have often seen, lot of friends in corporate world live from week-end to week-end. We tend to mis-manage week-end time and return to work, reluctantly.

It was during my stint at Middle East, I got this great ‘insight’ to stick to the same time to wake up (and often sleep too). My alarm clock is thus permanently fixed at the same time. It has been a great experience. You wake up early on a week-end and suddenly you have a lot of time in your hands to do all those things you always wanted to… Try out & see for yourself.. Initially it may be difficult to shift, but once you & family get used to it, the experience can be not only healthy, but very fulfillling!

I have always been an early to bed/early to rise type. (Quite boring, right ?!) Partly blame it on the Fauji upbringing. But, no regrets at all…

‘Time is God’ (kaalaya namaha) according to Indian belief. I guess, it is true, across all beliefs and cultures. Every moment is precious. Hence, it is called ‘Present’, truly a gift.

If we make a small shift to manage our time better during week-ends, we could see the difference. Worth trying!

The Coach

PS: I did not start, ‘Good Morning Bluru….’, Munna-bai style. Of course the discussion was good. He then played my favourite singer, Sri Jagjit Singhji’s song… ‘Hoshwalon…’ !

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