Is becoming a professional life coach your life-long dream goal? Starting such a career requires consistent effort and dedication. You must take helpful training programs to acquire an online life coach certification.

Alongside that, you need to upscale your coaching skills. The more you research, the easier it becomes for you to handle your initial client expectations. To help you more, Regal Unlimited is offering you a well-curated Life Coach Certification Program.

But, before you enrol, hover through the article that explains great workarounds to find your dream clients. 

So, let’s begin! 

The Traits of Your Ideal Coaching Client

As a certified life coach, you must identify your ideal clients. For that, you can consider specific traits and qualities of the client before considering working for them. Here are must-have traits to identify your perfect life-coaching client.

#1 Figure Out If The Client Is Ready To Change

Remember, you are not a therapist! You are here to listen to the client’s past experiences and help him meet his future expectations. In order to gauge the client’s propensity to change, ask him the following questions:

● Has he tried to make any changes in the past?

● How eager is he to commit to the changes?

● What’s the pace of change he is expecting?

● Can he accept the suggested changes?

Understanding how eager the clients are to change will simply help you connect with your clients emotionally. Once your client accepts you as their life coach, it will help them make the necessary changes to achieve their future expectations. 

#2 Have Future Goals And Desires

Every dream is achievable! The testimonials from Regal Unlimited prove that dreams are reachable with persistence and dedication. As a professional life coach, you must make your client believe in himself. Your ideal client should be driven to achieve his dreams and desires in the future. Before selecting your client, try to communicate with them to explore their life expectations. Indeed, you will be able to identify clients who are driven and filled with hope!

#3 Ability To Accept Coaching

What happens when the clients fail to follow your coaching? The life coaching online program from Regal Unlimited not only enables you with the right coaching skills but gives you an idea about how to identify clients who can be coachable. Here are a few questions that you can ask the client for a better understanding:

⯀ How important is a goal to your client?

⯀ Do they have lots of curiosity about their dream goals?

⯀ Are they willing to be accountable for their life-changing decisions?

⯀ How are they responding to criticism and complex challenges?

⯀ Can they commit to their goals and beliefs?

Once you determine the answers to these questions, you will get the most positive and ideal clients to work with.

#4 Willing To Invest in Self-Growth

Driving the clients towards achieving their life-long goals explains Life coaching’s meaning. For that, they must invest in self-growth. As their life coach, you will have to ask your client the right questions so that they can regain self-awareness. By asking the right questions, you will ensure that you can help them by pointing them not just in the right direction but ensuring that all your efforts are customized for each individual client’s needs. 

How to Get Your First Life Coaching Clients?

No matter how many life coaching courses you attend, you also need practical experience. Once you start looking for clients in your initial days, you will face different challenges. However, you need to keep trying to get first-time clients. The following pointers are practical workarounds for life coaches to find more clients. Indeed, you can utilize these ways to find your dream clients and build a strong portfolio.

#1. Look for Referral Opportunities.

Did you know that professional coaching is a worldwide referral business? Life coaches receive almost 70 to 80 percent of their clients through referrals. So how can you approach referrals?

➤ Use social media strategically to uplift your portfolio.

➤ Brand yourself a professional life coach. 

➤ Ask your contacts to share your online meetup invites with them. 

➤ Take feedback from your old clients to share online.

➤ Ask for suggestive recommendations from your clients.

➤ Develop a strong branding strategy to improve your networking.

Indeed, many life coaches think asking for referrals is impossible; but it’s a self-limiting belief! There are many professional coaches who can actually help you with referrals. So put your efforts into garnering more attention from more people, as asking for references will actually take you far.  Expanding your business can garner a lot of monetary rewards.

#2. Create Your Own Brand

Today, content marketing is the key to connecting with more potential clients. Those who need you can find you through the content you put online. For that, you must create your own brand. The online life coaching certification from Regal Unlimited allows you to upscale your coaching skills and establish yourself as a successful life coach. Here are some effective ways to create your own brand:

✤ Create dedicated social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.

✤ Create unique blogs, short podcasts, and videos on different topics.

✤ Explain the life coach’s meaning to the reader/viewer through your content.

Share the unique content explaining your mentorship techniques. This will help you and your clients to connect with each other online. Also, don’t forget to mention your contact information. If someone needs to consult with you, they will contact you!

#3. Attend Networking Events

Thanks to COVID, most in-person meetups are happening online! Take advantage of these events to expand your network reach. Attend the upcoming networking events such as:

🟆 ICF Converge 2023 (a dynamic global event for life coaches)

🟆 Regal Global Webinar

You can join GCN (Global Coaches Network), where you can connect with other professional life coaches. You can also approach your potential clients to attend your free coaching sessions. You can represent your life coach skills and capabilities to more people.

#4. Conduct Workshops & Meetups

Attending online networking events isn’t enough! There might be times when there will be no upcoming online events. So instead of attending third-party hosted events, arrange and schedule online meetups yourself! Utilize different social media platforms to promote your workshops and demonstrations. Showcase your life coaching online certification alongside your achievements. Indeed, the attendees will be interested in planning a strategy session with you!

#5. Take Part In A Well-Curated Coaching Program

The online life coaching certification program from Regal Unlimited is the best way to start your life coaching journey. Here you get to coach directly from professional coaches. With years of experience, the professionals will guide you through the journey of life coaching. Alongside that, do the following activities:

❖ Download and read the free e-book from the website.

❖ Take the Life Quiz online.

❖ Hover through the blogs and testimonials. 

Understandably, you can improve your coaching skills and gain more clients afterwards.

Proven Ways for You to Attract Your Dream Client Starting Today:

It isn’t not only about getting a client. As a professional who is a life coach of multiple individuals, you are also entitled to specific responsibilities. Now that you know the common traits to follow while looking for the right clients, it’s time to explore how you can attract dream clients starting today!

#1 Quickly Perform Self-Checking

You can connect with your dream clients faster by focusing on self-assessment and self-improvement. While doing your life coaching online certification, try improving your skills and capabilities. After a certain period, review your progress honestly. Keep checking for ways through which you can enhance your abilities. Meanwhile, try to explore the reason behind becoming a life coach. Once you discover your professional goal’s purpose, it will become easier for you to attract your dream clients.

#2 Follow Your Purpose To Help The Right Clients

The online life coaching courses teach you various things like communicating with clients, determining client needs, carrying out coaching and consultancy plans, etc.  However, choosing whom you want to help is entirely up to you. If you are unclear about whom you want to help, ask yourself the below questions:

➥ What are your end goals?

➥ Can you help the client?

➥ Will serving the client satisfy you?

➥ What can you achieve in the end?

➥ How can your help affect the client?

The key here is to follow and match your dream client’s imaginary or demographic profile. Try to connect your purpose with the client’s requirements. If both match, they are indeed your dream clients.

#3 Equip Yourself To Master Life Coaching Skills

According to Lao Tzu, knowing about others is intelligence, while learning about yourself is wisdom. Like any other profession, getting a good life coaching online certification only gives you professional validation. To achieve this aim, every life coach must be ICF-certified.

You need to put much more effort into learning all life coaching methods and become an expert. When you become confident about your skills, it attracts more and more clients. Here are a few resources to achieve mastery in your domain:

1. Read Regal Unlimited e-books that describe who is a life coach 

2. Read case studies by fellow life coaches to explore more

3. Actively participate in different workshops, seminars, and training programs to upskill

4. Utilize social media power to connect to more people

5. Build your brand slowly by offering free coaching sessions in the beginning

6. Create a unique portfolio that showcases your services being more promising

7. Focus and work on your core strengths

Lastly, don’t give up while facing challenges. Any of the life coaching online courses come in handy in finding a solution. The single most criterion which is necessary for any life coach, anywhere in the world is to be ICF-certified. Certification from ICF, not only ensures that you are fit to coach but also helps you get global acceptance. 

#4 Create Client Engagement & Exceed Client Expectations 

Creating client engagement is easier than ever with organic lead generation. As a certified life coach, create client checklists and plan boards to target more potential clients. Create free content for your professional website and social media accounts.

The more people find your services online, the more they become interested in communicating with you. Indeed, it helps you to create a solid first impression on the client. Utilize the positive impact and offer the best services to exceed their expectations. Go beyond what they thought about you and attract more dream clients!


The profession of a life coach is as challenging as enjoyable. If you can follow the above guide, you will be able to attract more clients. However, you must continuously make efforts to grab more clients while acquiring more knowledge and skills.

For that, you require appropriate training. While so many life coach certification programs are available online, Regal Unlimited brings you the best of all life coaching courses. Hover through the course details on the website to know more!

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