What Exactly is Life Coaching?

A life coach is a professional who guides people in achieving progress on their journey of personal or career related goals. The concept of Life coaching was founded in the 90s. Life coaching could also be defined as a skill one may master which would help and inspire people to achieve their goals and maximize their potential of hard work for the same.  It’s the extra push one needs to do in order to pursue their goals in life.

Skills Required/ to Look for in a Life Coach

A life coach is responsible for making effective strategies for their clients which would help them in accomplishing their career or personal goals in life. This would make their life more fruitful and fulfilled. Therefore, one needs to start listening carefully and empathize with their client’s issues. This would help them understand their problems in a better way and it would be easier to create strategies for the same. One also needs to have exceptional communication skills. These skills would be handy while understanding the client’s problems and explaining some strategies to overcome them.

Why Should you Become a Life Coach

If one wishes to become a life coach, they need to acquire various skills such as good networking skills, self reflection and willingness to guide other’s to their path of success. All these skills are developed through life coach training.

Being a Life Coach in India can be fulfilling as it allows you to  inspire and transform one’s life. There are several training programs to choose from. Though why not train with the best one?  Regal Unlimited offers exceptional training programs for life coaching. Here’s how training as a life coach could help you on personal level:

1. Self growth – Even though helping others reach their life goals is a glorious act of service, being a life coach is so much more than that. Training as a life coach would also help you on individual level to understand your inner desires and ambitions. It also gives you a clarity regarding your decisions in life.

2. Expanding your horizons – If you are someone who practices mindfulness, believes in spiritual awareness and wishes to perceive the subconscious and it’s capabilities, you should expand your knowledge through training as a life coach. Being a life coach allows one to understand holistic practises in a better way and to tap into the energy centres of a body. You can use these practices to guide the clients towards their end goals.

3. Listening better – The most important skill among the others mentioned above to become a life coach is ‘listening’. One needs to understand their client and their issues. When you talk to the client, you find their limiting beliefs and the root cause of the discontented life one may be living. By joining Life Coach Training with Regal Unlimited, you could enhance your listening abilities to another level.

Life Coaching and its Influence in the Workplace

An article from McKinsey on leadership abilities suggests that only the exceptional leaders are the one that can actually make a difference. Furthermore, their studies also suggested that the employees who have average capabilities or the underperformers could actually make a huge impact on an organization’s growth.

Every individual has weaknesses and limiting beliefs that hold them back from working to their full potential. If the same individual is mentored and guided by a wellness professional to work on their weaknesses with effective strategies, they may work harder in pursuing their own personal goals and result in better company performance. Therefore, the Life Coaching  professionals could help their clients create and achieve their business plans. An article from The Entrepreneur India suggested that the high achievers who believe in vouching for life coaching are the ones who want to take charge of their professional and personal life. “People who are successful aren’t dependent on chances, they grab the chances by the horn”. Coaching would help you get a clear perspective about things and puts a stop to the unnecessary mind clatter.

Now that we know what exactly life coaching is, let’s see the benefits of Life Coach Training In Bengaluru to achieve career goals. Let’s take a look at some points mentioned in a blog about ICF coach training by Regal Unlimited.

1. Let’s just say you are working in an organization for over 5 years though you still aren’t given any form of leadership responsibilities. Why is that? You may be a hard working employee though not everyone develops leadership skills during the course of their work life. The Life Coach Training In Bengaluru focuses on guiding the employees to maximize their critical thinking abilities, decision making skills and to polish their leadership skills required in a corporate environment.

2. If an employee in an organisation wishes to secure an important role, they need to work on their leadership skills. Bigger role means more responsibilities. One needs to be prepared for dealing with responsibilities with ease. The Executive Life Coach Certification Bengaluru would help an individual in successfully handling his/her teammates and could handle any difficulties they may be facing regarding the given tasks.

Apart from assisting in reaching one’s professional goals, life coaching can also help you achieve several personal goals. Let’s see a few examples for the same.

1. Decision making – A lot of us find it hard to make important decisions in our life on our own. We tend to seek assistance from our family and friends to help us make our decisions. A life coach would guide you to work on your decision making abilities. This will help you to be more independent in life.

2. Confidence – So let’s just say you worked really hard in making a presentation for a client meeting but you aren’t confident enough to present it yourself. Your colleagues who presented it received all the appreciation and your hard work went unrecognised. In situations like these, your lack of confidence can be a great barrier in your path of success. Here, the life coach would help you build your confidence with some strategic tasks which would in turn make you feel more confident in yourself and at your work.

The main difference between dreamers and achievers is the clarity. Both of them have ambitions in life, though the achievers have the clarity to seek their ambitions and build their success.

Where Can you get Life Coach Training and Certification in India

Regal Unlimited provided life coach training and certification in India. We have life coaching programs running in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and other prominent cities of India. We do occasional connections, hold workshops on Life Coach Training in various cities of India.

We are also running a VIRTUAL Life Coach Training Program so that people across the globe can benefit. This is the first of its kind, first online Life Coaching Program in India. We have MAster Coaches who train you on the nuances of Life Coaching.

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