Global launch Regal Coach Certification (RCC) Program
– ‘Everyone needs Coaching‘… Every leader needs coaching skills, for   leadership that gets results, include Coaching Style ( by Dr. Daniel Goleman)

– Coaching may be the future of leadership.

– Are you equipped with the same?

– Learn the process, science, and the art of coaching…

Manifest a dream career of your choice.

– Coaching skills for ‘Dummies’ – an introductory program into coaching

– Take your professional & personal life to a new level (beyond work-life balance)

Join us ONLY if you are “ready” for the shift, and work for it. Manifest a life of your dreams #BeRegal#ChoosseBliss

– For aspiring Leaders, HR/L&D Professionals, Life coaches. Also, entrepreneurs, Self Emp Professionals, Soft skill trainers, Freelancers, Consultants, SuperMoms (& not-so-super Dad:) )
– Based on Coaching competencies (ICF & EMCC), Models (GROW, R_E_G_A_L, etc), Tools (RJ, Regal@60, CV Process, Mindfulness Techniques, etc)

– 90 minutes, once a week, virtual session, for 12 weeks.

– Facilitated by Subash CV, PCC (ICF)

–  A new batch starts on August 29th, 2017.

Registrations open. A few seats left. Write to

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