This heading in business dailies and also in the business section of ‘normal’ newspapers is getting a lot of attention.  (nothing normal about the newspapers, anymore?!)

This is mentoring with a new twist. And in India, perhaps only Mr Biyani could have pulled it off. Out-of-box stuff, to use a cliche! Under the ‘Ban Jao Biyani‘ programme, employees of Future Group, who show promise for entrepreneurship are given charge of businesses to run.

  • He has set a new bench mark in what corporates normally do lip-service to…. ‘intrapreneurship’
  • He also has shown to the world how could possibly we can get best out of special talent, and manage engagement, win-win-win!!
  • More importantly, how we can get best among millennials, something every business is struggling with.

This may prompt more corporate, especially some unicorns among start-ups, to try a similar strategy. Mr Biyani would be seen as the trend setter.

The key challenge is the process and ability to pick up the right talent. As a generation of exceptional talent moves from STJ to NFP (as per MBTI), the right candidates need to be short-listed. And that is going to be a big challenge. For some best talent may not bid for the programme.

Needless to add, this is classic Mentoring, with a new, refreshing twist.

“We will be giving them all the freedom to do the business and offer them wisdom and mentorship from the senior management of our company and outside”. For they are trying to create more Biyanis.

The next steps would be to get external leadership coaches to take the whole initiative to the next level? Create talent beyond Biyanis too. Truly sky is the limit.

Personally, I was very inspired by another news in the same report/PR release! ‘Late last year, Biyani made whistle-stop tours across most of the 110 cities where the retail chain has a presence, meeting store managers and employees, encouraging them to bring in fresh energy to complement the new design and merchandise within the stores‘ It has resulted in 40% growth in sales at Consumers and 18% increase in Lifestyle.


No rocket science this. But how many business leaders step back to look at their business and get their basics right? Mr Biyani is disrupting…

Mr Biyani is disrupting… yet again

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