Fans (not of SRK!) of
– Pele, Azharuddin (still a few left?!), Geroge Clooney, Julia Roberts…
– Indian Premier League ( nothing Indian about it, nor Premier/Cricket about it!)!
– Professional Bankers, Financial Advisors, Stock market experts… whose idols may/may not be any of the above 🙂

Check out Film Reviews on LiveMint yesterday (14 May). Reviews films on Pele and Azharuddin. Also, ‘Money Monster’, Clooney-Julia Robers starrer!

‘George Clooney as Lee Gates, a financial guru and the cocky host of TV show Money Monster. Gates is an unconventional adviser who mixes song, dance and game show gimmicks with his stock market analysis and advice (the closest analogy would be the pre- and post-show analysis of Indian Premier League matches)’

What IPL is doing to cricket, media is doing to human consciousness… our own greed to blame?!

Read all three reviews & it is a reflection of our times! Not an inspiring story !!

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