Arrow Wizardry: We thought ‘bow-and-arrow precision could not be perfected much more than it had already been down the ages’. 

  • We all know how even track events have seen new records, held unthinkable. #ImpossibleIsNothing

Industry-sports alliance: ‘Tech advances assisted by Hyundai R&D resources played a key role in its performance. Hyundai’s chief Chung Eui-sun as head of the Korean Archery Association, deployed his company’s vision recognition, artificial intelligence, and other tools to chisel out better equipment and train archers. It created a contraption to pick the best arrows. It also came up with pulse sensors to enhance #feedback analysis and ensure better #anxiety training. Apart from customized grips, designed with scans of archers’ hands, the carmaker also gave each of them a customized app for #meditation’.

  • It has both science and art coming together to maximize potential! AI, VR to meditation, anxiety training, and feedback analysis! ‘Feedforward’, would be more appropriate here?
  • ICF definition of coaching is also about ‘maximizing potential, personal and professional, through a creative and thought-provoking process’

This is the evolution, not the disruption of sports.

What about areas that have been influenced by sports? Not the games people play. But the inspiration coaching brings to leadership, politics, corporate, business, art, science, academics…. to #coaching!

Coaching borrows heavily also from sports, Tim Gallwey’s inner game to Sir Whitmore’s coaching for performance, and now ICF has taken it to a new level. It is going to be interesting to see how these tech advances will influence leadership and coaching. Including areas such as meditation, anxiety training. 

Your thoughts?

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