Chanakya Neeti – Dr. RK Pillai

Chanakya’s lessons are applicable to one and all: me as in individual, my small organization, an SME, big organization, sports, to Government.

Some Key Takeaways: (my meditation in bold. If it does not make sense, the mind is in play. Allow the intellect to show you the way, clarity).

  • Cool, right frame of mind and materially beneficial are the key to leadership: Leadership is about the leader’s disposition, his/her state of mind. It is important to inspire (not through words, but by action), create more leaders. The right frame of mind is the starting point? The material benefit cannot be ignored by any leader. Starting with roti, kapda, makan to self-actualization needs?
  • Holistic thinking – Life is a bundle of experiences. That is why the soul is here. Holistic approach helps
  • It is about maintaining seemingly two opposites, Sarpa Drishti (micro, granular levels) & Garuda Drishti, at the micro-level (helicopter level). Missing either of the two is a sure recipe for disaster. 

Garuda Drishti – Regal View

Success depends on 7 factors

  1. Swami or the King – CEO, or leader
  2. Ministers, or good team – ‘A captain is as good as the team’, we hear from cricket captains
  3. Happy people, subjects – the larger team of the organization
  4. Infrastructure – the key to small teams to big organizations and of course, economies.
  5. Revenue
  6. Army
  7. Mitra

King in Self-Control is critical to overall success! Ancient Wisdom, Eternal Wisdom… How many leaders can claim to be in self-control?!

Artha Sasthra is about wealth management. Chanakya neethi is not about the past, but about the present and the future…

Dr. Tony George

At the subconscious level, we are more connected, than distant. 

  • A sense of safe haven. Hand of the care-taker (extended palm) – Does the coachee experience hand of safety?
  • Influence of family?
  • ‘Arbitrary’ distinction between psychology and spirituality.
  • Does the coachee expect the coach to use spiritual ingredients? A British study showed 80% of clients expected their counselors to pray for them.

All my dear client-friends, you know you are all in my prayers

  • Celeberate listening – a beautiful perspective to active listening coaching competency
  • Yoga sutras of Patanjali – discovery of yoga over last two years has been one of the highlights of my journey to deep coaching

Kiran G

  • Tao of Leadership – a must read book
  • Tao is about paradoxes, just as in coaching – the paradox or duality is the play of the mind?
  • Are we learners also, while we are coaches? Stand on the edge of learning & coaching…
  • Deeply engaged Vs Detached (a coach-friend calls it detached-attachment)
  • The mind can not solve, for the mind operates from a linear position
  • Presence embraces this paradox. Presence is a place of oneness
  • Coach Vs Coachee is a polarity that must be resolved
  • Deep listening is being profoundly empathetic.
  • Quality of wonder, from the presence, emptiness truly simple. Anything profound is simple. (Spirituality is most simple, the mind makes it complicated)
  • Complexity, lack of safety
  • Being Human, comfortable to be flawed.
  • Grace arrives… 
  • Quality of mirroring
  • True emptiness is beginner’s mind – very profound for all of us, practicing & aspiring coaches.

Paradox or duality… is it not the play of the mind (I wonder!)








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