Flipkart – Sachin Bansal, CEO/Co – Founder, suggests five ways to ensure Customer Delight in E-commerce – Source: Outlook Business/22 June 2013

Discussing Customer-Service, many threw up Flipkart as a brand which fits the bill. (Comments: Related to Banking)

  • Listen to Customer – every customer touch-point/’encounter’, this is important… active listening to customer
  • Under-promise & over-deliver: Surely important from a customer-service perspective, but relevant in any sales & marketing situation too. Ask any sales guy ????
  • Have an User-friendly Website – More activities are going ‘on-line’. The on-line experience for a banking customer is not yet user-friendly. Looking at most of banks’ website, ‘simplicity’ is surely not what strikes us.
  • Go Mobile – Lot of banking transactions are already going ‘mobile’. But basic transactions as of now, such as bill-payments & fund-transfers. Opportunity to enhance these features to make it convenient for customers & cost-effective for banks, also with enhanced security features.
  • Offer Warranty – ‘After Sales Service’ is an area many banks do not really excel, across products. Lot of scope to improve, which is a differentiator, neglected by many banks with mass customer-base/retail.
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