What & Why?

I want to be more compassionate – at personal level, as a member of my family and as part of all different communities that I belong to..

Be compassionate to myself, to people around me, and most importantly, Nature/environment/community, including plants, birds, animals and physical structures… (would need a heavy dose of ‘H’opnopono!)

Even if it were difficult for me, bit of self-sacrifice would suffice. Not because I have reached a level of self-satisfaction to focus more on self-sacrifice. But just inspired…
It helps in my work also. (so, not all selfless!)

I am tempted to add, ‘self-satisfaction’ is just a state of mind! Just Being SSpiritual!

  • At a personal level be more environment-friendly. Minimise use of plastic. Get the home compost, on my to-do-list for a long time. (If experience good, champion cause of garbage-segregation and home/community compost)
  • Join groups in cleaning up area around us, in our community. Clean & Green. Move from passive to active participation with groups actively working in our part of city. And of course do something to save our precious lakes, street dogs and Honey Bees. (All precious, precious components of our delicate environment, most helpless)

All time bound and planned, instead of loose aspirations…
Here & Now… surely into 2014 ????

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