Is it so? Is @SRK a life coach in the movie?! Interesting!

Is he a trained, certified, credentialed coach? Or one of those many “self-styled coaches” around who is happy to give advice, solutions, road-map, et al?!

Anyone who does that (give/advise) is NOT a coach.

Coaching believes the coachee is complete, has all solutions. Hence no need to “give”!

“A life coach helps his or her clients to help themselves” Thorough coaching-competencies broadly categorized by ICF as
– Setting the Foundation,
– Co-Creating the Relationship,
– Communicating Effectively and Facilitating
– Learning & Results.
Do not confuse these for its simplicity. Coaches listen at a very deep level, create a space that can be very powerful, for the coachee, of course.

Coaching is transformational, not transactional. It helps coachee to move from current state to a more resourceful state. As human beings, we all are on a journey. Hence, as Eric Schmidt to Bills Gates say, ‘Everyone Needs a Coach’. But only a trained, certified, credentialed (ICF/EMCC) and experienced Coach.

Then bliss guaranteed. Hope Aliya Bhat, the coachee here moved a more resourceful state and is in bliss!

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