Saturday morning… very pleasant. Was feeling blessed, as I stepped out for my 20-minuteworkout.
Shocked to see the ground covered with dead and also, dying honey-bees (entire night struggling between life & death). Hopefully, someone will walk/drive to help it die!
We protect ourselves by keeping our premises clean, restricting speeding cars, hiring a good security agency, checking if the fire-fighting equipment is in order, sprinkle water on the kuccha-roads to minimize dust, discourage honking, hygienic disposal of garbage, etc.
Are we not being selfish by killing honeybees, like mosquitos, perhaps using the same ‘easy-to-use’ sprays? (everything ‘easy to use’ comes with a huge price?!)
Can we not be more compassionate to spare honeybees?
Are we, the educated, ignorant how important they are to our fragile environment?
How are they inferior to us, human beings?
Can we not prevent them from making a honey-comb? (We did successfully recently, by just smoking them away, without killing a single bee)
Can we not spare a balcony for sake of honeybees & thus, environment?
Also, show our children how to make small sacrifices to be compassionate?
Human beings have been on this planet for last few centuries. Whereas so many other species have been around much earlier. But we are ruthlessly killing all the helpless species through various means (for eg., plastics in seas)
We may not believe in the doctrine of karma, even if we are religious & ritualistic. We may not extrapolate newton’s law of action & reaction to our personal lives. We may ridicule Malthusian theory. But can we ignore the possibility of how a situation may arise when we are threatened, when helpless, or our elders, children and pets are threatened.
Nature (at a more holistic, majestic level) may choose to take a spray to wipe out, like we ‘mas-murder honey bees’ (through any natural or man-made disasters)
Master’s Voice:

Have you ever visualised Viswa Virata Swarupa (the Cosmic Form)? Earth, water, sky, etc., can be seen in it. The universe is made of five elements, and the same five elements are present in you too. So, you are Viswa Virata Swarupa. God is in you and in everybody. So hurting others amounts to hurting God.

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