Recently I was given an opportunity to facilitate a group of middle-level leaders at one of India’s blue-chip companies. A global brand in technology space, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Corporate leaders from across functions, with 10-15 years’ experience, 45-50 of them. Half a day session on a topic assigned to me, ‘Mentoring, Coaching, Healing’. It was a pleasant surprise to see ‘healing’ part of the topic.

I was there as a Mentor Coach. Hence, the focus was on coaching. Coaching & Mentoring, with a strong healing touch.

What was planned to be a simple introductory session, turned out to be a powerful, interactive and inspiring session on coaching, at a holistic level, covering all aspects of life, professional & personal. All credit to the group, ‘ready and committed’.

No wonder they are a global brand.

What inspire me is the shift in ‘consciousness’ at the young leadership level (millennial & others).    

And, coaching is so essential to leadership development.  The business leaders have a big responsibility to look at leadership development from this perspective for sustainable performance & retention, engagement.

LeadershipCoaching/Mentor Coaching (not mentoring or any variants thereof) is the need of the hour. Needless to add, learning was mutual.

Coaching is a thought-provoking & creative proces that inspire the clients to maximize their potential, personal & professionalInternational Coach Federation (ICF)

Get your leaders to coach… see the shift in employee engagement, interpersonal relationship & improved productivity…

Feedback from participants

Participant 1: ‘It was a great session to get introduced to the concept of coaching. It was amazing to see his personal journey as well from a high flying corporate person to full-time coach and mentor – healer.

I can deal with my near and dear ones better to achieve the end outcome better. Managing millennial will come handy when I work with a younger team.

This opened up coaching as another avenue or for that matter healing as well.. for being a ‘means to make living’! I need to improve my listening skills. I will try to be as authentic as possible in the relationships that I care about.

Faculty was calm and composed which suited perfectly to his job profile. He entertained all questions. Did inform about his profession very skilfully which didn’t feel like “hard selling” like some other faculties.

Participant 2: The session for the first time introduced the concept of “Coach” in its true sense to me. I now understand what I would need in my life and when – Mentor + Coach + Healer

The session amazingly solved a major confusion I had been having in my mind since long.

I realised that being a “Coach” to my child would be perhaps the best role model I can play being the most effective parent. Currently, I am a controlling parent and It doesn’t work all the time. Thank you Subhash for giving me that insight! Means a lot.

I will have to stop being a controlling parent. I also realise how I could be my coach for matters that are petty. Thank you, Subash !

While you were not a ‘stage person’, you still went up there for us and suggested us how important it is for each one of us to talk to our Self to work towards enabling and empowering our self too.

Participant 3: I had a lot to learn from this session from the faculty. The presentation was very methodical and well planned. Time was very well managed. Coaching is a difficult thing to do, but was explained with ease by the faculty.

Learnt the difference between Mentoring and Coaching

Active listening is a must.

Not to think from our angle, but what the mentee means by that word/ phrase.

To do list is important but equally important is the”Not to do List”

GROW method used for coaching.

All the knowledge empowers me to understand mentoring and coaching, to help people who look upto you, and guide them.

I will right away start preparing a ‘To do List’ and a ‘Not to Do list’. Also Mentoring and coaching in the right way.

The faculty was great at teaching the concepts of coaching so easily. His teachings about the principles of mentoring and coaching are very accurate and you tend to start thinking in that direction


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