Coaching is much bigger than coaching. It is a way of Being that the whole world needs to get to – where the core theme is compassion for all people and caring for all nature and for our only home”– Sir John Whitmore

  • Coaching is much bigger than what we understand as coaching, which has shades of mentoring, training, delegating, telling, guiding, et al. For most of these are from a space of the head, mind and often transactional. Coaching got to be transformational, else it is not coaching.
  • The transformational shift can happen only from a state of being, a coach, and for the coachee.
  • at the core of coaching is empathy, compassion, unconditional positive regard (#UPR), selfless love and at the best level, Unconditional Love. Not for just a few, near and dear ones, but for all people.
  • Also for Nature. In the Indian context, Nature is called Prakriti, which is a reflection of Purusha, or the Divine. Of the millions of species on this planet, the human being is one of them.
  • With Viveka (discrimination) and Vairagya ( detachment), that only we are seemingly blessed with, it forms our duty to consider the entire cosmos as one family, Vasudevam Kudumbakam.

Coaching at a deep level, from the State of Being, when the linear process/science of coaching naturally evolves to an art form. The coachee manifests magic.

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