We are very proudly celebrating 75 years of India’s independence this year. However, are we really independent? During coaching my clients, I have discovered this lacuna for independence in some of my connections.

In-dependence here is the dependence on my inner self. While some of my conversations have been deep where the client is open to being vulnerable, where they are willing to trust the process and look for areas to work on within themselves, there are some conversations that tend to be at a superficial level. There’s a safety guard that some clients put around themselves which is hard to break through. 

My role, as a coach, is to allow room for openness to flow in the conversation, to listen intently, and to trust that the client will be able to find potential solutions by digging deeper within themselves.

This is made possible by the use of powerful questioning…the questioning which comes not from the intent of interviewing my client but which comes from the child-like curiosity …willingto learn and understand the client, helping the client to dive into their inner self.

We tend to rely more on the external than the internal ones for finding solutions to our challenges

We enroll in training which helps us gain knowledge of technical skills or behavioral skills. We choose mentors to guide our way through and sometimes, we choose to counsel as a path to find answers to our personal, professional or psychological problems. While each of these has its own place and significance, working with a coach gives you the pedestal where you stand tall, breath deep, and exercise the freedom to choose your priorities. It puts you in charge of your actions and empowers you to move past challenges. This, to me, is true independence. 

You define the meaning and measure of this independence for yourself. You break the barriers which limit your belief…beliefs that hold you back and cage you …which stop you from knowing your potential and maximizing it. So, do you choose to be truly in-dependent? 

Are you willing to let go of the judgements, fear, and anxieties… thereby liberating yourself? 

Are you ready to create the next and a better version of yourself? If yes, this is the year to create your independence and start to work with a coach. 

Choose your happiness and independence by meeting your inner YOU. Happy Independence to all.

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