Look around… solutions to a lot of common problems (and opportunities) lie in Leadership. Whether in Government, business, society, sports, arts, in all areas.

‘We get leaders we tolerate’, Brene Brown.

Personally I become leader of my choice. Choices are often made at subconscious level. For I am 95% subconscious, anyways!

Forget other leaders. What am I doing about my own leadership skills? ‘Cutting Vs Sharpening’?

Make a choice to sharpen your leadership skill for making a shift in new year (financial FY18 or calendar year 2017, a quarter of which is gone already). Are you ready for the shift?

Your next shift in leadership may lie in adopting coaching also as an additional leadership approach.

Over and above, managing, telling, instructing, guiding, pushing, (at times, threatening, bullying, though avoiadable) That would equip you with a level of self-awareness which the future leader needs. Of course, you can only postpone the inevitable.

Become a coach in all roles, at work, home & beyond. Learn coaching from a coach-mentor recently recognized by EMCC.

Join Regal Coach Certification (RCC) program, starting this evening! ‘Kal ka kaam, aaj- aaj ka kaam, ab

– 830 PM to 10 PM IST

– for 12 weeks


To join this batch, drop a mail to info@regalunlimited.com or call the Mentor Coach at +91 9036774999

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