I was recently asked by an old, dear friend, who has seen me work at corporate & in my subsequent avtar as Coach/Entrepreneur. ‘What do you lose your sleep on?

I felt it was a powerful question, an ICF coaching competency (ICF – International Coach Federation).

There are small things that bother me. Nothing really is so serious or stressful that I lose my sleep over it.

Among them the most important one is :

  • Over various roles I play in my life, personal, professional or community, what percentage of time I am consistently a coach-healer?
  • What percentage I am not in a flow, but I operate from my ego?
  • What percentage I operate from my analytical mind/head, and not from my heart?
  • Then, I operate from a state of Being, with EQ & SQ.
  • For when I am at my authentic & vulnerable self, I am at my best. For others & myself.
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